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Alison Witheycut sapphireAs an undergraduate, Alison Withey studied anthropology and art history at Brown University. After a decade of travel, she studied botany for her PhD at Duke University. cut sapphireShe has gemology credentials from the Gemological Institute of America and Gemmological Society of Great Britain.

Over the years Alison has authored a variety of scientific and gemological works including congressional testimony, educational materials, white papers, and grant proposals. Her unpublished fiction collection, Uncertain Treasure was a finalist for the Santa Fe Writers Project Literary Award and the Serena McDonald Kennedy Prize. It was a semi-finalist for the Eludia Award. “Tower of Ivory” and “Jade Disease” were finalist and semi-finalist respectively in The William Faulkner – William Wisdom Creative Writing Competition (novella category). “Jade Disease” was also a finalist for the Clay Reynolds Novella Prize. “A Brilliant Bit of Work” was a semi-finalist in the 2017 Fish Short Story Contest. “Fair and Square” was a finalist in the 2018 Fish Short Story Contest. It was also a semi-finalist for the American Short Fiction Prize and the Hourglass Literary Magazine Writing Award.

Alison is currently working on a novel and another story collection.

purple garnetHence very many people find that a single gemstone is enough to provide them with a supreme and perfect aesthetic experience of the wonders of Nature.

~Pliny the Elder

Naturalis Historia (AD 77-79)

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